Mark Parkinson

Director / Owner / Head Coach

I have been a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist since the year 2000. In 2014 I became a Master Trainer with the European Institute of Fitness at Lilleshall National Sports Centre in the UK. To add to this I am also a level 1 CrossFit Coach and a Motivation & Fitness Coach.

But enough about boring certificates. I like to train myself just like I like to train my clients; I like to build a body that can “do life” the best. This means being strong, it means becoming resistant to injury and illness and it means feeling and looking great too.

I could give you over a hundred different reasons why you need to lift weights with me and they will cover reasons relating to mental health, physical health, social status, academic and entrepreneurial success and athletic success. These are all VERY good reasons to lift weights with me; but, really, I do it because it’s FUN, I look the best I can and I feel amazing. That motivates me more than any of the other benefits I get from my training. But luckily it also makes me the very best version of myself that there can be.

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