We are Unique Fitness and we are
a functional fitness training studio.

There is no time to waste, especially if you don't think you're fit enough or ready for this, because every exercise is fully scaleable to cater for all needs regardless of size, shape or fitness level! Everyone is welcome!

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We are the home of CrossFit UF

CrossFit UF focuses on high intensity functional training. The best way to understand it, is simply to experience it.

This is fitness at its finest, its most enjoyable and it is unique to anything else you have experienced before.You will train in an EGO FREE and highly supportive environment and not only will you achieve great results, you will make new friends and become part of a great community.

Why Choose Us?

Weight machines work only one or one group of muscles at a time, this is not functional and does not improve fitness across all disciplines. Functional training improves all facets of fitness and works all muscles from core to extremity along a neuro-muscular pathway. In fact our speciality is NOT specialising in any specific fitness discipline; if you want to burn fat I guarantee you will do that with us, if you want to get stronger I guarantee you'll do that with us, if you want to get faster, become more supple, improve muscular endurance, feel better, have more energy, live longer, sleep better, be happier or any other facet that comes from being fitter and healthier, I guarantee you'll achieve them by training with us. We use constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements that push your entire body to become its fittest and most capable.


What you'll find at CrossFit UF is the best strength and conditioning program available.

Football Fitness

Get in touch to book your team's strength and conditioning class to take you to the next level!

General Fitness

Join us if you want to get faster, become more supple, improve muscular endurance, feel better

It doesn't matter if you're 16 or 60

Functional training is fully scaleable to your ability, but it will push your health and fitness further than you ever thought possible. Group sessions, personal training and open gym sessions available.

CrossFit UF aims to make you the fittest and strongest you've ever been in a fun and friendly atmosphere so you stay on track and enjoy being part of this healthy community.


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