Coach Kirsty's Fat Loss Plan

CFUF has your training and fitness covered, but the other side to that coin is getting your nutrition right. A healthy lifestyle can not contain one without the other.

The Calorie Plan will give you the tools required to make you aware of what calories you are consuming and how you will need to change your intake quality and quantity to align with your personal goals. 

Coach Kirsty's guide can be as simplistic or as deep and detailed as you like. We will provide you with a 12 page guide and give you 1:1 tailored support to ensure you are on track to be the very best version of you that you can be. 

You'll be given:

  • Calorie allowance- Protein intake
  • Activity level target
  • Weekly accountability and check-ins

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Coach Mark's Kinetic Therapy

No matter your fitness experience or goal, Kinetic Therapy can be a great way to fix a current injury, boost performance and recovery while reducing the risk for injury. At CFUF you have access to this therapy on your doorstep. 

The technique and tools used will smooth out muscle fascia and flush out dead cells that cause tightness and adhesions. It will also increases blood flow to the tissue for faster recovery. Common benefits of Kinetic Therapy include pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, increased blood flow and pain suppression.

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WODWorkout Of the DayRXAs prescribed / recommended weights / reps / distance
SCALEDAdjusted weights / reps / distance to suit the individualKGKilograms
PB/PRPersonal Best / Personal Record (keep track of these and make sure when you hit them you let us know)EMOMEvery Minute On the Minute
AFAPAs Fast As PossibleAMRAPAs Many Reps As Possible in a set time
METCONMetabolic Conditioning (cardio endurance)FTFor Time
FSFront SquatBSBack Squat
BJBox JumpsBOBBrupee Over Bar
C&JClean & JerkBWBody Weight
HSPUHandstand Push UpDLDeadlift
K2EKnees to ElbowsKBKettlebell
C2BChest To BarPUPull Ups
MUMuscle UpT2BToes To Bar
PPPush PressOHSOver Head Squat
STOHShoulder to Over HeadDU'sDouble Unders
RMRep Max (1xrm / 3xrm / 5xrm)SDLHPSumo Deadlift High Pull

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