There is no time to waste, especially if you don't think you're fit enough or ready for this, because every exercise is fully scaleable to cater for all needs regardless of size, shape or fitness level! Everyone is welcome!

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Functional Training

Every session is different and is designedand led by your Lv 3 Personnel Training Coach.

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Personal Training

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We Do Functional Training At Its Best

Functional Fitness is one of the most effective ways to get fit. Anyone can do it. We do pull-ups, squats, push-ups, weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and a host of other movements, all performed at high intensity. The beauty of functional training is its ability to facilitate better performance in any of your other chosen sports. It enables all over body conditioning creating an improved basis to run faster, swim stronger, lift heavier, compete better and most of all live healthier!

Functional Training is paving the way as the most complete way to increase your health and fitness.

Every session is different, and is designed and led by our Level 3 Personal Training Coaches. The workouts get the most out of your body by using functional movements performed at high intensity. This ensures you get the very best results in each and every facet of fitness e.g. strength, stamina, flexibility, speed, endurance, power and more.

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With David as an ex-professional footballer, now Personal Trainer, and Mark, a Master Trainer, our staff are fully qualified and experienced to work with individuals and/or full teams to get you to the next level and be able to take on whatever the opposition throws at you.

Classes are based around functional fitness training with sessions ranging from agility movement patterns to power, strength and cardio training. Each session will be structured to ensure focused progression in all elements of fitness.

Do you want to have the competitive edge on the field? Got the talent but need the strength and fitness to go with it? Do you feel you’d like a little more help in developing your agility skills?

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1 Session £70 (Session Rate £70)
4 Sessions £240 (Session Rate £60) (Save £40)
8 Sessions £440 (Session Rate £55) (Save £120)
12 Sessions £600 (Session Rate £50) (Save £240)
(All sessions to be used within a 12 month period)

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Why Choose Us?

Functional training focuses on movements, not muscles. There are two primary problems from a functional perspective with most typical gym routines. The first is that they they train individual muscle groups (biceps,pecs, quads, hamstrings, etc.) instead of movement patterns (e.g., pushing,pulling, lifting, stepping, walking, crawling, jumping, squatting). Second, they typically occur in a single plane of motion: the sagittal, which involves forward and backward movements and encompasses most classic exercises like the squat, biceps curl, and even running.

Here’s the thing: Human movement doesn’t usually recruit one muscle group at a time,and it certainly isn’t limited to one plane of motion. Indeed, it occurs in three planes of motion: the previously mentioned sagittal, the frontal(side-to-side), and the transverse (rotational).

But there’s more to functional training than simply incorporating more compound movements like the squat, and more “non-sagittal” exercises like the lateral lunge and russian twist into your routine. An effective functional training program also favours free weights over machines, focuses on working muscles through full ranges of motion (that means no “half rep” curls or presses), and incorporates plenty of instability work.

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