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We are Unique Fitness and we are a functional fitness training studio.

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You wont find any conventional weight machines in our facility. Weight machines work only one or one group of muscles at a time, this is not functional and does not improve fitness across all disciplines.

Functional training improves all facets of fitness and works all muscles from core to extremity along a neuro-muscular pathway. In fact our speciality is NOT specialising in any specific fitness discipline; if you want to burn fat I guarantee you will do that with us, if you want to get stronger I guarantee you'll do that with us, if you want to get faster, become more supple, improve muscular endurance, feel better, have more energy, live longer, sleep better, be happier or any other facet that comes from being fitter and healthier, I guarantee you'll achieve them by training with us.

We use constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements that push your entire body to become its fittest and most capable. There  is no time to waste, especially if you don't think your fit enough or  ready for this, because every exercise is fully scaleable to cater for  all needs regardless of size, shape or  fitness level! Everyone is welcome!

David Norris
Owner / Pro Footballer / Personal Trainer

I am a Professional footballer and fully qualified level 3 personal trainer, I'm the owner and founder of Unique Fitness.

A professional footballer for the last 15 years, I have made nearly 500 appearances playing for 6 different clubs.

My first professional team was Bolton Wanderers joining them from non league Boston United in 2000 and playing a handful of cup games before moving to Plymouth Argyle for a £50,000 fee.

Five and a half years, 243 appearances and 280 games later, including winning promotion to the Championship in 2004 and winning Player of the Year in 2006, Ipswich Town paid £2million to take me from Plymouth in 2008 where I played over 100 games and was made captain in 2010 finishing top goalscorer that season.

I joined Portsmouth in 2011 for one season finishing top goalscorer before moving to Leeds in 2012 where injuries gave me an opportunity to complete my personal training qualifications. Most recently I played at Blackpool FC for the 2015-16 season and during that season opened up Unique Fitness.

With a big passion for fitness and 15 years experience in football opening Unique was an obvious progression for me and we now have an excellent facility helping people of all standards, ages and sizes to achieve their goals as well as working with professional footballers and teams.

Mark Parkinson
Director/Head Coach

I have been a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist since the year 2000. In 2014 I became a Master Trainer with the European Institute of Fitness at Lilleshall National Sports Centre in the UK. To add to this I am also a level 1 CrossFit Coach and a Motivation and Fitness Coach.

But enough about boring certificates. I like to train myself just like I like to train my clients; I like to build a body that can “do life” the best. This means being strong, it means becoming resistant to injury and illness and it means feeling and looking great too.

I could give you over a hundred different reasons why you need to lift weights with me and they will cover reasons relating to mental health, physical health, social status, academic and entrepreneurial success and athletic success. These are all VERY good reasons to lift weights with me; but, really, I do it because it’s FUN, I look the best I can and I feel amazing. That motivates me more than any of the other benefits I get from my training. But luckily it also makes me the very best version of myself that there can be.



I have worked in the fitness industry as I personal trainer for 8 years. I love making fitness apart of everyone's life, i'd say that is probably one of my greatest passions in life. I started personal training whilst travelling and performing in Musical theatre, I found my passion for fitness whilst playing hockey and football.

I've spent 3 years in a weightlifting gym and 5 years working as the Group Exercise Manager at Total Fitness, now I'm also the Deputy Manager for a hotel fitness club as well as working at Unique Fitness. CrossFit has redefined functional training and becoming a level 1 CrossFit coach has been the best qualification to supplement my Level 3 Personal Training and nutrition and yoga qualifications.


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